Sublime Décolleté 50ml -5D from Paris


Reshape the bust

Formulated with a firming and biotechnological active ingredients Sublime Décolleté addresses loss of firmness, elasticity and dehydration. It also acts as a veritable skin sculptor to reshape the bust. The duo of detoxifying active ingredients added to the formula acts to improve tones and boosts skin’s radiance


• Firms the fragile skin of the bust, neck and décolleté
• Improves elasticity and radiance
• Soft feeling and easy massage
• Great for dry, mature or sensitive skin
• Rich, silky and creamy texture
• Non greasy formula with quick penetration
• Great feeling of well-being and comfort



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  • FIRMING ACTIVE INGREDIENT cutaneous firming agent from vegetable origin with a triple action: stimulates the contraction of collagen, protects elastin and fibroblasts from free-radicals agression)
  • BIOTECHNOLOGICAL ACTIVE INGREDIENT boots the autophagy that takes over the work of proteasome, overworked to perpetuate the fundamental step of detoxification
  • PLANKTON EXTRACT: Stimulates proteasome, an enzyme struture that recycles oxidized proteins and turns them into amico acids that can be assimilated by the skin
  • ACRYLIC POLYMER: Aqueous gelling agent with “quick break” effect
  • LANOLIN VEGETABLE SUBSTITUTE: unctuous texturing agent
  • OIL IN WATER EMULSION: favours moisturization


Apply generously on neck , décolleté and bust. Get a firm , toned and silky skin with the Sublime Décolleté.