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A true anti-aging strategy which helps the skin stay young longer. The unctuous and rich Night Cream contains HYAL-X3 complex combined with vegetable oil. HYAL-X3 complex brings together hydrating properties by activating the synthesis of cutaneous lipids (strengthening of the barrier function) and restructuring properties by increasing the binding proteins of the dermal-epidermal junction.

• Global anti-aging skin care product which protects and respects the skin, a real cure of well-being.
• Helps the skin stay young longer.
• A very comfortable texture that leaves a very soft protective film on the skin.

• HYAL-X3 complex: A combination of 3 hyaluronic acids of different molecular weights. Film-forming, moisturizingand anti-aging properties (improvement of cutaneous firmness)– for a global anti-aging strategy.
• Apricot Kernels oil: brings comfort without aheavy texture feeling
• Shea butter: nourishing, moisturizing, smoothing,
makes the skin supple
• Glycerin: moisturizing, humectant (maintains water at its contact)
• Squalane from vegetab le origin: favours moisturization
• Vitamin E: antioxydant


Apply every evening on a cleansed skin. For all skin types. At the morning, the face is rested and radiant. The skin is
plumped up and suppler. A regular use contributes to rehydrate epidermis and improves skin architecture.

Airless 50ml/1.7 oz.


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