5D from Paris Homecare • Luxurious Cleansing Cream

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Eliminates in depth impurities with Honey extract

This soft luxurious concentrated cleansing cream has a honey-like texture! Unctuous and smooth-flowing, Luxurious Cleansing Cream helps eliminate deep impurities and make-up. Enriched with HydraEco it soothes, repairs and rejuvenates skin.


• Removes make up and impurities
• Deep Cleansing of the skin-Suitable for all skin types including sensitive
• Respect skin integration: No damage to the skin
• Deep skin cleansing while protecting the skin’s protective layer
• Helps repair and restore radiance to tired and unbalanced skin

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  • HYDRAECO: Active substance with honey that respects the ecological balance of the skin to protect it from external aggressions
  • SODIUM HYALURONATE: A Chirally Correct form of Hyaluronic Acid, intense moisturizing and hydrating. Derived from botanicals.
  • FLEUR DE RIZ FRAGRANCE: Rice flower fragrance.
  • ALPHA-GLUCAN OLIGOSACCHARIDE: Helps create a beneficial surface skin environment.
  • CITRIC ACID: A naturally occurring hydroxy acid from citrus fruits. Used to adjust and balance product pH and a good source of vitamin C.


Apply small amount to dry face, gently massaging with circular motions for one to two minutes. Rinse skin with lukewarm water, gently dry skin and follow with Revitalizing Lotion. Use morning and night.